Client Profile: Jorge Eduardo Zuniga

Since Jorge Zuniga fell out of a tree 3 years ago and injured his spinal cord, he had been using a rusted sling-seat wheelchair to get around. He laid a wooden board on the chair so his body didn’t sink in the seat, and he laid an inner-tube on the wooden board to relieve pressure and avoid developing sores — not his ideal solution, but all he had access to in his rural village.

Now that Jorge has an active wheelchair with a proper cushion, he can be out of the house for longer periods of time. With a fresh start, Jorge wants to expand his jewelry-making business and may become an apprentice to learn how to make more difficult crafts.

“Well, my first goal for this year was to get a new wheelchair — check! Now my goal will be to move into my own house and live independently,” Jorge said. “I don’t know if it will happen this year, but I am going to work toward it. My parents are worried to let me live alone, but it’s important to me and I think I can do it.”